Catholic Cemeteries of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Rockville Centre, Inc. d/b/a Catholic Cemeteries of Long Island provides this Interment Record Data as a service to all Certificate holders, visitors, funeral directors, monument dealers and any persons or contractors, companies, etc. performing related or other work within these cemeteries, and all graves, plots, crypts and niches sold, shall be subject to the cemetery’s rules and regulations, and subject further to such other rules, regulations, amendments or alterations as shall be adopted by Catholic Cemeteries of Long Island from time to time. That information is available at the cemetery office or website. This data is meant for informational purposes only. The public information contained herein is furnished as a service by Catholic Cemeteries and collectively the parish cemeteries of the Rockville Centre Diocese. Burial locations and names are available for the cemeteries in Nassau and Suffolk Counties, New York that are part of the Diocese of Rockville Centre. The burial information is the most current information as provided by each contributing cemetery. Since a significant number of cemeteries pre-date the era of computers, information may be incomplete during the earliest years of operation but as entered is deemed reliable and accurate for burial record purposes. The lack or a record, the absence of information may be interpreted as, but is not necessarily definitive proof that an individual not being listed is not interred at these facilities. The close or positive match of a name and/or date of burial (a record match to a search) is not to be construed as an endorsement or finding that the record match confirms heir-ship, lot ownership, or right of interment or memorialization in said lot. All users are reminded, it is possible your search results are similar even exact but may not be the actual person being sought. While efforts have been made to display the most current and accurate data, Catholic Cemeteries, the parish cemeteries, and the Diocese of Rockville Centre, New York, and their software consultants assume no legal responsibility for the relevant information considered here. Additional records off line are private, confidential or corporate only viewed records. This information (lot ownership, lot heir-ship, location provided, interment date, and other information) may be verified by contact with the office of Catholic Cemeteries and/or the individual parish cemetery, owner of record, cemetery office.   

Catholic Cemeteries of Long Island and the parish cemeteries, of the Diocese of Rockville Centre consent (extend the privilege) to visit our private property grounds subject to the agreement to all of the following conditions as a requirement to visit a Catholic Cemetery:

1. Only those ceremonies which are consistent with the teachings and liturgy of the Roman Catholic Church and the ecumenical guidelines of the Diocese of Rockville Centre may be conducted or celebrated within or at one or more of its member cemeteries.
2. All ceremonies are conducted under the auspices of Catholic cemeteries, which must maintain their right to be in control of any and all such ceremonies regardless of the individual(s) exercising leadership positions. Arrangement for all ceremonies, including but not limited to Committal Services (both Catholic and those of other denominations), Veteran Observances, and celebrations of the Eucharist must be made at the appropriate cemetery’s office.
3. Conduct of any kind which in the opinion of the Cemetery Management does not respect the sanctity of the cemetery is prohibited.
4. Cemetery Hours of Operation are posted at the office, on cemetery maps , gates, and website and being on the grounds outside the permitted time is an act of trespass.
5. Obey parking rules and not park in any fire or emergency lanes or on the lawn. Drive the posted speed limit and obey all traffic directional signage.
6. Not use any foul, endangering, offensive or threatening language, or cause physical harm to any person and/or cause any person to fear for their safety.
7. Secure all personal items, including a vehicle for the duration of your time at our properties.
8. Wear sensible footwear and use caution and care when traversing curbs, lawn areas, and/or walking including paved surfaces.
9.Our cemeteries maintain a NO SOLICITATION policy and a NO DOGS allowed policy for our entire grounds.
10. The cemetery maintains specific rules for planting and decorating. Items left at the burial space may be removed and disposed of without notice or compensation.

All visitors are encouraged to read and accept these rules as the cemetery’s standards and expectations of lot owners and visitors.