There are three distinct groups that must be considered in the exercise of the Corporal Work of Mercy known as the Burial of the Dead. Those who are buried, entombed, or inurned in our cemeteries are the first group. The second group consists of the survivors and visitors to Catholic Cemeteries. The third group that must be considered includes the Catholic Church itself, its rituals, disciplines and procedures, cemetery management and all cemetery support staff.

Rules and Regulations play an important part in the beautification and preservation of the sacred resting place of the faithful departed. These rules are intended not as restraining, but rather as defining an orderly plan of operation, care and permanent maintenance. They are meant to help sanctify the living memories of those buried within the cemeteries and to create an environment that awakens faith and brings consolation. The enforcement of the rules will assist in protecting the cemeteries, by creating and preserving their beauty, and ensuring that the interests of all concerned parties are equally addressed. 

Please click the links below to review a summary of the rules and regulations for Catholic Cemeteries of Long Island.

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