Bronze Memorial Designs –  Selecting A Bronze Memorial

Our Selection System helps you design a highly personalized memorial. It offers a choice of styles, colors, border designs, letter styles and personalization options to make your tribute a beautiful work of art. Every memorial is coated with a Protective Finish to preserve the beauty of the bronze.

Our staff can help you choose the memorial that’s right for your family. Please call the Cemetery Office for more information. 

Epitaphs in excess our 4 words are subject to a per additional word fee. All epitaphs must be submitted to the Cemetery Management for approval. In general, epitaphs must be from Scripture, prayers, or religious hymns, and must readily and apparently express Christian virtues.

Holy Patron Series

Catholic Cemeteries offers a wide range of bronze markers within the Holy Patron series to find out more click below.

Bronze Marker Memorial Options

Infant Markers

The Infant memorial designs offer standard personalization options:
Design features The Lamb or Angel designs Size 16” x 8”
How do I Purchase a Monument
List of approved Epitaphs
Veterans Marker Application
Bronze Marker Images 
How do I arrange for a Monument Inscription ?
How can I have the Cemetery Monument cleaned?
Information Topple Test Inspection and Program

Veteran’s Memorials

The Veterans memorial designs offer standard personalization options.
Veterans Marker Application
Design: Must include the Latin Cross.
Size 24” x 12” 
Base is not included from the Department of Veterans Affairs.
Veterans Medallions – Contact the Cemetery office for Rules and regulation for size and placement on gravesites, crypts, and niches.