Benefits of choosing a Catholic Cemetery

• Sacred grounds consecrated by church
• Catholic sacredness and respect for human body following Catholic burial ritual
• Affirmation of faith
• Be buried with fellow pilgrims awaiting resurrection
• Chapel space available for committals
• Deacons provided by Catholic Cemeteries for all committal services
• Chapels and Mausoleums on grounds for prayer and remembrance
• Masses available on grounds for families

Catholic Cemeteries are built on ancient religious traditions which display a respect and reverence for the deceased and their physical remains. A core belief of Christianity is the direct relationship between Jesus’ death and resurrection. Christianity states that life is eternal. By choosing a Catholic Cemetery one selects a final resting place that reflects the beliefs and values from life’s personal journey. A Catholic Cemetery is more then just a place for burial of the dead, even in death it represents the peace and spiritual alliance that makes all Catholics members of one great family.