Stainless Steel Portraits

Your photograph can be made into a digital image that can be placed on Stainless Steel as a protected memorial to capture the memory of your loved one for generations to come.

Catholic Cemeteries, in conjunction with our memorial suppliers, offers state-of-the-art image transfer technology and the maximum color retention of stainless steel to ensure beautiful, long lasting results. These portraits are covered by a generous, limited manufacturer warranty. Portraits are available for most crypts, niches, monuments, and flush markers.

Ordering a portrait is a fast and simple process:
-Discuss and Learn the Regulations and Options, then Complete the Order Form
-Bring the Form, Cemetery Certificate, Photo, and Payment to the Cemetery Office. If you have a digital photo, please email the file to
-The cemetery will install your stainless steel portrait in approximately 6 to 8 weeks
-Original photo is returned to you
Crypts, Niches, & Monuments: $55.00 application fee + $350.00 portrait = $405.00 total
Flush Markers: $55.00 application fee + $350.00 portrait + $105.00 cover = $510.00 total
Portrait Information & Order Forms:
Crypt & Niche Portrait Information  Crypt & Niche Portrait Order Form
Monument Portrait Information  Monument Portrait Order Form
Flush Marker Portrait Information  Flush Marker Portrait Order Form
For additional information, assistance, or to learn about our memorial options, please contact the cemetery office or email us at