Catholic Cemeteries of Long Island’s Holiday Decoration Program

Catholic Cemeteries of Long Island offers a decoration program each holiday season.  Families may place decoration orders for the 2021-2022 holiday season (Christmas 2021, Easter 2022, Mother’s Day 2022, and Father’s Day 2022) beginning in late September/early October.  Please check the website at this time for full details and to place your decoration orders!

Grave Decorations

For those families who have gravesites, you may purchase the following for placement on individual graves: 

  • Evergreen blanket or pillow for Christmas
  • Palm cross for Easter
  • Seasonal potted plant for Mother’s Day
  • Seasonal potted plant for Father’s Day


Chapel Decorations

Each year, Catholic Cemeteries of Long Island decorates the chapels in our mausoleums with the following:

  • Poinsettias for Christmas
  • Lilies for Easter
  • Potted plants for Mother’s Day
  • Potted plants for Father’s Day

All families, especially those who have entombments and inurnments in our mausoleums, are invited to purchase a plant in memory of a loved one.  The name of the deceased will be listed in a memorial book placed in each of the chapels.